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A moving inquiry


wide open senses

the flow of breath

circulating blood

tides of fluid movement


sounds resonating

images emerging

waves arising

diving into the mystery of the fluid body

undulating movements

spiral flows

dynamic full-bodied expression


subtle micro-movements


the whispering of the soul

feeling alive


becoming a thriving fluid breathable body

Continuum is a path of inner exploration and in-depth inquiry, where sound, breath, subtle dynamic movement and open attention allows us to tune into and awaken the creative web of intelligence flowing naturally in every cell. 

Continuum movement, founded by Emilie Conrad, is based on the fact that the body is comprised of mostly water.  Sound is used to stimulate the fluids within the tissue of our body, whether it be within fascia, bone, that which surrounds our brain, spinal cord and nerves, around our organs etc.  Using sound, we then create vibration in our body where the fluid within acts as the medium and picks up the vibratory effect. This resonance reveals itself as wave motion, undulation, pulsation, curves, and spirals.  

Through deep inner listening, we open ourselves to the body’s inherent wisdom to guide our internal movement and there await what unfolds from within. 

Following the impulse, we gain deeper access to this life as each ripple and undulation unfurls inside this mystery – our body. 

When we drop beneath the surface noise and rest deeply into our innermost nature, that which beats our hearts, and spirals through us as a living process, we can receive true inspiration.  

Through embodied awareness we notice movement impulses that arise from within, and by consciously allowing these movements, we support complex self-regulatory processes that brings about Mental and Emotional clarity, Inner Nourishment, a sense of Belonging and of ‘Coming Home’ - Grounded in Being.

Each exploration, referred to as a ‘Dive’ can last anything from 30 min to a number of hours, each time offering new insight and depth, rest and replenishment informed by the deeper layer of our Being

Continuum will inspire anyone interested in awakening the senses. On a professional level it attracts Body therapists, Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, as well as Psychotherapist and other professionals working with Mindfulness and Embodied Awareness.

Continuum provides a safe environment and can support our ability to:

  • improve overall health and vitality

  • be empathic and relational

  • be clear and decisive

  • awaken creativity, innovation and play

  • be sensual and receptive

  • be vital and persevering

  • self-regulate and realign

  • be autonomous and socially aware

  • be open, reflective and resilient

  • deepen our spiritual connection

    workshops & retreats

excerpts from ‘a conversation with Emily Conrad’

founder of Continuum