P s y c h o t h e r a p y


The role of the therapist is

to allow the hand of soul

to reach through their heart

and touch the heart of another




Therapy can be a shorter or longer process that involves deep self-inquiry in close connection with symbolic material and one’s inner world as well as the outer realisation of what it means to become authentic with yourself and others. The therapeutic journey will include insight into your childhood to gain awareness and understanding of the present patterns that may stand in your way of unfolding your potential, thus opening the door to your innermost and a deeper intimacy with life itself by being more present in the now.


The way we relate to ourselves, others and the world, and the choices we make in life, are mostly rooted in our early life experiences and the many transitions we face. It is also intimately woven with the ever-changing world around us, and can make us question who we ARE and how to relate to these changes.

People seek therapy for many reasons. It can be the beginning of: a deep depression, a feeling of inner emptiness, a loss, feeling an ‘outsider’, relationships issues, fear, lack of direction or meaning in life, eating disorders, abuse, loneliness, blocks to creativity, or a deep longing for something ’more and un-definable’ – or perhaps a deep wish to get to know oneself better, or even deeper to find who I REALLY am…

In my experience most people seek therapy because of some unconscious calling – a longing to reconnect to who we first are: Awareness. Thus, to serve soul involves looking at Who You Were, Where You Are Now and What You May Become when you really Open Up and Shine, as you are: Free, Empowered, Embodied, Open and Connected


Through my many years of experience, I have come to see therapy as a soulful self-reflection of our life-story, a journey that involves a deep inquiry into the deepest corners of our psyche and well as opening to the vast spaciousness that we are – Awareness - our Essence.

I don’t use one particular methodology, but work in way that supports a person in embracing who they are more deeply and authentically in alignment with Essence.

An embracive and integrative way that doesn’t attempt to ’fix’ psyche or ’cure’ us from symptoms, but instead sees symptoms as valuable guides and messengers that demand our deepest attention, deep listening and understanding. This way opens the natural inclination in every person, which, over the course of life, leads to greater wisdom, tolerance and a deepening of our capacity to love.

I work with myth, symbols, dreams, active imagination, body and movement, mindfulness and meditation, the arts, and the spoken word...

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