Living Inquiry invites you to a Continuum workshop

november 16- 17 2019


As a child, we are born in the womb of our mother and are connected to her, neither through the head nor through the heart, but through the navel. We are connected to our mother’s body through the navel via the umbilicus where we draw our life-energy – our heart and brain develop later on. Our roots to life spread out into our mother’s body and, at the same time, into our own body. As we sever the physical umbilicus from our mother after birth we need, however, to maintain our deep connection to our Universal Mother - Life herself!

In service of soul, this workshop opens the portal for a living Inquiry by dropping a question, an image, a wish or longing, deeply into our innermost. Using deep seeing and deep listening, tracking sensation and the movement of the fluids within the body, sounds, breath, poetry, and symbols, as entry points and guides for an ongoing living inquiry into Presence, we come to live the question as it unfolds in the continuum of life.

Continuum takes us into dimensions still waiting to be explored. Through deep sensation and movement, we challenge ourselves to orienting to the unknown, to what is beyond or deeper than the patterns and habits we know well. We dive into our roots to life.

Thereby we expand our boundaries, expand our perception and establish new neural networks. In the process, we use our body and our muscles in unknown ways; We move in ways we could never imagine. Our body begins to develop a strength based on fluid rather than rigidity. We find a watery softness where, as a river that flows around the rock, we encounter what arises in our lives with vibrancy and new creative elasticity. New opportunities present themselves from these new found discoveries and we begin to meet ourselves, others, and the world, with new awareness and clearer sight.

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Osho writes in Consciousness to Consciousness:

“The roots of plants are in the earth; the roots of the human body are in the soul. But neither the head nor the heart is the place from where man is connected to his life-energy – and if we do not know anything about those roots then we can never enter the world of a meditator.

Only from the navel
can anybody enter
into the soul.”


november 16 & 17
Saturday 17.00- 19.30 & Sunday 11.00-17.00.

Price: 1.300 dkr
payment of 500 dkr non-refundable deposit will secure your seat on the workshop

enrolment is based on first come first served principle by application through link below


send me an email with a few lines about your previous experience with movement and meditation and your motivation for joining, confirming your intention to take part on the course. In return you will receive an invoice with banking details for enrolment.

About me:
My experience expands over 30 years of working with the body and movement to Psykosyntesis Psychotherapy, Jungian Analysis to Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Music and Continuum Movement, Developmental Movement and the Creative Arts.
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