opening and softness of heart

being deeply quieted within

Opening and Softness of Heart

the heart gives and receives blood at its unique pace 

the heart is connected throughout the body 

the heart reacts before the intellect to turmoil, worries and dangers 

the heart goes into knots, and jumps and flickers when it is squeezed 

the heart sores and scars when it is maltreated or abused

the heart grows when it seeks to contain the uncontainable 

the heart knows what is true 

the heart sings with joy and love

the heart gives and receives without any reservation 

the heart releases all in forgiveness 

heartfelt sighs thank you heart, for showing us, what reason forgets

by Mette Maja Mouritsen - thank you Mette for this beautiful poem! 


When we open and soften, we are naturally brought into our heart. 

When deeply quieted within, we enter into the very surface of our own being; we gain access to our beingness. Naturally relaxing into what we really are.

When we’re tense, closed, reactive, everything we relate to separates us from our heart and essence. When we open our heart, we naturally return to our Essence.

Opening and softening lets us return to our heart and our innocence.

However, for many it mostly feels difficult to choose to open and soften because the closing down and hardening gives us the experience of being in control, and without that control we feel weak and vulnerable, or even fearful, shameful, unwanted, unlovable etc. it is as if all of our wounds of the past arises and pains us. But when we harden, then on a deeper level within, we lose control because we move away from our own heart and innocence. Move away from our access to beingness and our own aliveness. 

We all have the power to harden and we all have the power to soften. 

Through openness and softness of heart receiving all of the myriad experiences of life, all of the ups and downs, pains and joy, we begin the return to our innocence and our true self. 

In that return, we create a new self that is more permeable, a new way of being in relation, a self-expressing that arises within from our own ground, our true nature.

In service of Soul we open the portal for a Living Inquiry by dropping a question, an image, a poem, a wish or longing, deeply into our innermost. Using deep seeing and deep listening, tracking sensation and fluid movements, sounds, breath, poetry and symbols as entry points and guides for an ongoing living inquiry into Presence, we come to live the question

practical info

september 7 & 8

Saturday 17.00- 19.30 & Sunday 11.00-17.00.

location: ID Academy

Østerbrogade 79 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Price: 1.300 dkr
payment of 500 dkr non-refundable deposit will secure your seat on the workshop

enrolment is based on first come first served principle by application through link below

please note balance of fee to be paid 14 days before the course starts after which booking is binding!

fill out the form below with a few lines about your previous experience with movement and meditation and your motivation for joining, confirming your intention to take part on the course. In return you will receive an invoice with banking details for enrolment.

The course is held in Danish but allows for English translation depending on the needs of the participants.

About me:
My experience expands over 30 years of working with the body and movement to Psychosyntesis Psychotherapy, Jungian Analysis to Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Music and Continuum Movement, Developmental Movement and the Creative Arts.

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