Ameyo Katharina Barfred-Dixon

Music is in my bones and in my soul, and it is intimately woven into the texture of my work. My strong capacity to feel, see, and listen deeply, to create and play ‘music’ with another human being, brings richness, depth, sensitivity, strength and love to my work. I believe there is a strong link between psychological distress and creative expression, and find it of immense importance to keep the imagination alive in my work and everyday life.

My work spans from Bodywork and Movement to Psychosynthesis, Jungian Analysis to Art therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Music and Continuum Movement, Developmental Movement and the Creative Arts.

I am a solid and experienced psychotherapist, group facilitator, supervisor and trainer. I run a private practice from the heart of Copenhagen, as well as teach and supervise at various schools for psychotherapy in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. Fundamentally, as a psychotherapist, my psychotherapeutic approach is Integrative Transpersonal Psychosynthesis, incorporating concepts from Jungian analysis, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Family Systems theory such as Object Relations, as well as Developmental and Archetypal Psychology. The key concept in Integrative Transpersonal Psychosynthesis is ‘relation’: the nature of Relation between therapist and client, and to Essence, is seen as fundamental and soulful – grounded in the ‘here and now’.

32 years of experience with a diverse client base enables me to adapt to the specific needs of each client or supervisee, inviting a mutual partnership of deep inquiry into soul rather than attempting to deliver a solution.

Further to my private practice I run various workshops and retreats in Living Inquiry – a way of living intimately with life through Embodied Awareness. My website will show you the way to the many offers at play.

I adhere to the codes and ethics of ReVision, my member organisation, the UK Council for Psychotherapy, and Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening, which ensures I have regular supervision and continue to develop personally, professionally and spiritually.


professional associations and validating bodies:                  

UK Council for Psychotherapy UKCP

Psykoterapeutforeningen MPF  

Confederation of Analytical Psychotherapy CAP

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Further to my private practice as a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Mentor, Supervisor and Workshop Facilitator:

2010 to date - member of main training staff, trainer and supervisor, ID Academy Copenhagen Denmark

2008 to date - member of training staff, trainer and supervisor, PsykosyntesInstitut, Göteborg Sweden

2002 to 2014 - member of main training staff, trainer and supervisor, ReVision, Centre for Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy, London UK