spring immersion march 28 - 31 2019 copenhagen

spring immersion march 28 - 31 2019 copenhagen

a portal to Life

do you notice when disconnecting from the aliveness of our body?

do you notice when living in a trance that prevents you from living and loving fully?

do you notice when tensing up against life, fighting life or shutting down when something painful arises? when the grief feels too big, or the ecstasy uncontainable?

do you notice when living a life of routine or on automatic? when blind to the always present and golden moment?

do you notice when being seduced by your narratives, opinions, thoughts, so that you forget who you Really are?

and, most importantly, do you notice the lifeforce that flows through when you Wake Up to the present moment? the sensate feeling of being here, now, in life?

and when you return to the present moment, have you then sensed how the gift of life so abundantly springs forth to greet you; to greet you with love, tenderness of heart, and new vitality

we can choose to become more and more impersonal with the personal self, and awaken to the gift of Life

we can choose to be here,

present in our life,

in our body,


intimacy with life calls for courage, courage of heart - a tender surrendering to our innermost. Sweetly permeable, alive, present, and connected

Give the world your unique self and open heart. 

Live Awake! 

this workshop will, through a living moving inquiry, enable us to re-enter the innate intelligence of our bodies, anchor us in our Being, and discover the creativity, the vitality, the love, and the wisdom, that naturally flows from embodied awareness.

practical info

Thursday 28 - Sunday 31 of March, 11.00am - 5.00pm 

Please have a good brunch before the start of each day as we will only hold small breaks 

Price: 4.000 Danish kr.

Location: Be Moved. Copenhagen Denmark

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"We can be seen as a fluid unfolding of an innate intelligence. It is the same intelligence that is guiding the sperm and egg, the same intelligence that created the membrane of the first cell, the intelligence that moves galaxies and iguanas. We inhabit a sea of intelligent life beckoning us to enter."

Emilie Conrad founder of Continuum

practical information

enrolment is based on first come first served principle at ameyo@in-relation.eu or by submitting your details in the form at the foot of this page

a non-refundable deposit of 1,000.00 DKR will secure your seat on the course 

send me an email with a few lines about your previous experience with movement and meditation, and for confirming your intention to take part on the course. In return you will receive an invoice with banking details. 

please note balance of fee to be paid 7 days before the course starts after which booking is binding!

The course is held in Danish but allows for English translation depending on the needs of the participants.

location: Be Moved

Suomisvej 2. 1927 Frederiksberg C  

See… sense… move…


play… enjoy… transmit…

further to personal bodily, psychological and meditative development, these workshops will also be of inspiration to professionals such as Body therapists, Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, as well as Psychotherapists, Psychologists and others working with Mindfulness in body and Embodied Awareness

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