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Meeting the moment to moment unfolding of life

fluid body fluid life

How often do we abandon ourselves from being present in life through repeated excuses, stories, deflections, denials, daily routines etc. 

Yet, in a moment of pausing we always have an opportunity to change the cellular narrative… cellular to tissue, tissue to organ, organ to systemic narratives, etc. The question is, can we sustain presence in the movement and sensations, and allow the unexpected, perhaps a new narrative, to arise? And with that a new way of being in relation to ourselves? to others? to life?

From our current stresses and speedy lives, we can discover the healing potential that arises by tapping into our innate resources and move beyond our overwhelm. Using different breaths, sounding and subtle movement we can return to our original state of fluidity, and from there draw on our inherent resources and rejuvenating aliveness.

Through a sensate living inquiry, we cultivate the capacity to hold presence in the direct experience of movement. Movement in turn becomes meditative, fluid, and nurturing. This inner-found authority then makes it easier for us to respond fluidly and effectively to challenges in the world. Fluid Body becomes Fluid Life – a more permeable way of living and trusting our innate wisdom.

Thus, we step away from reaching for outer information and instead tap into our most primary level of awareness, our senses - a deeper more ancient system of knowing, long before the prefrontal cortex developed, even before the limbic system - developing awareness and inner authority; a trust and confidence in how to meet the moment to moment unfolding of life.

Fluid Body Fluid Life invites us to enter our own world of movement experience. Listening to our whole inner sensory world and shaping our movement, our personal embodied experience. We enter our own journey of discovery of the life force itself unfolding; not in service to the actions of survival, which are necessary, but as a way of refreshing, resourcing and reviving ourselves.

This brings us a way of understanding our true nature; of nature within and all around.

Just imagine what kind of world could be created from cultures that are openly interested in the necessity of embodiment as part of our personal and creative development in daily life.

Just imagine a world interested in how to regulate ourselves, so that we can move through this extraordinary fast paced, fascinating but sometimes overwhelming world.

Just imagine a world of people with an internalsense of wholeness and interconnection. 

Just imagine a world of people with trust in themselves, with a sense of their own ground, with the wholeness of their own being…   just imagine…

And enjoy 🍃

Ameyo Barfred-Dixon

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