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fluid embodiment

We are living in a body in which the intelligence of 70 trillion cells co-exist. Our bodies respond to what we think, feel, and believe – how we relate to ourselves and others, and thus how we engage with the world at large.

We may have tools to de-stress, ways of finding stillness through meditation, or being in nature, and exercising to keep us fit and healthy; we might have tasted the feeling of being whole and connected to everything – that sense of blissful oneness in which everything is in perfect order.

However, for some, such a taste can open a deep longing, a heartfelt wish to not simply experience in moments but to actually live from that perspective.

This is my invitation to you – to live this longing!

By fluid embodiment I mean an embodied mode of self-inquiry - a moving Living Inquiry - that supports our ability to live and breathe a felt trust in a deeper Intelligence embedded in every aspect of life.

Drawing on recent changes in our perception in how human bodies move and thrive, influenced by recent discoveries in human anatomy, especially the science on fascia – part of the connective tissue – as well as studies and inspiration from Continuum Movement, Development Movement, Fascial Flow, Mind-Body Centering, Open Flow Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, we open to the natural intelligence of the human body. We reconnect to our vital life energy, our most natural way of being – and our birthright – which can bring us back to our own re-generating ability and creative power.

When opening to the natural intelligence and to the constant micro-movements inside the body, we can sense an innate connection to the rhythms of the natural world that we all inhabit.

Childhood developmental movements like yielding, push to rise, crawling, rolling and spiralling contain deep healing and integrating potential for our bodies when invited into an open space in which we can more deeply investigate and meet what moves inside of us.  

When stuck in everyday rigid, linear and repetitive patterns of movement, our natural inner flow of life ‘shuts down’, ‘hides’ and/or gets overridden by our inefficient breathing, our fast pace of everyday living, our many belief systems, etc, we feel depleted and our connection to the natural support of the earth is lost or minimised. We may end up feeling ‘fragmented’, ‘segmented’, ‘suspended in air’ – out of touch with the gravity of the earth that otherwise would carry, support, and lift us, leaving us feeling rooted to heaven and earth.

When we cannot feel ourselves at that level, anxiety emerges. When we have a sense of not quite feeling at home in our own skin, we enter exhaustion, depletion of energy, tense in body, mind and heart, at the cost of our natural aliveness and buoyancy.

Regulation and rebalancing happens when we learn how to start to turn to ourselves and meet ourselves in a particular way that supports us in moving back to a place where we feel nourished by the physiology of our Being – back to the innate intelligence of our sensing body.

Through deep listening and inquiring into our body we begin to honour the natural wisdom inherent in the body as well as trusting its ability to self-regulate and re-generate. By being our own best teacher, we learn how we can contribute to this and how we can receive and replenish, moving towards a more dynamic balance. Through a willingness to change direction and let go of familiar patterns, step into what might feel as unknown territory and follow new paths; through a willingness to adapt, connect and open to the creative flow of life – engaging Eros ‘intimacy with life’ - we return to our empowered vital life force and dynamic stillness of being.

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