Evoking Peace

Evoking Peace

Peace begins with, how I feel myself…

here … not out there!

There are so many ways of practicing being peaceful. In this workshop we will find peace by connecting to our living cells of life. We will learn to perceive from the cells of our body – not the mind looking at the cells, but by being fully centred in the body. We will be awakening our cells and perceiving from the cells of different tissues in the body, so that we can feel connected and embodied. When we feel deeply connected, we feel at peace.

In service of soul, this workshop opens the portal for a living Inquiry by dropping a question, an image, a wish or longing, deeply into our innermost. Through deep listening to subtle micro-movements in our tissue we awaken the body’s innate wisdom to re-regulate, balance, and settle body and mind back into our always present inner stillness.

We offer ourselves to the world of life…

we listen… we move… we breathe…

We are peace.

Continuum takes us into dimensions still waiting to be explored. By means sound, movement and tracking sensation, we challenge ourselves to orienting to the unknown, to what is beyond or deeper than the patterns and habits we know well.

I look forward to seeing you

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june 15 & 16
Saturday 17.00- 19.30 & Sunday 11.00-17.00.

Price: 1.300 dkr/1.000 if participated previously
payment of 500 dkr non-refundable deposit will secure your seat on the workshop

enrolment is based on first come first served principle by application through link below


send me an email with a few lines about your previous experience with movement and meditation and your motivation for joining, confirming your intention to take part on the course. In return you will receive an invoice with banking details for enrolment.

About me:
My experience expands over 30 years of working with the body and movement to Psykosyntesis Psychotherapy, Jungian Analysis to Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Music and Continuum Movement, Developmental Movement and the Creative Arts.
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location: Be Moved

Suomisvej 2. 1927 Frederiksberg C