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engaging life embodied & empowered

fluid body fluid life

a living embodied inquiry maximises not just our physical body

but our full human potential. Our way of engaging in life.

it is the study of the self from the perspective of our own lived experience,

embracing the dimensions of body, mind and soul. 

in any embodied practise, whether this be Yoga, Authentic Movement, Dance etc, we use our internal awareness through the sensate world to bring unknown parts of ourselves and our experience into the known. We practice making the unconscious conscious, and in the process leave ourselves with more options for moving, relating, being and living. 

instead of more functional movements in service to specific activities, we allow ourselves to move from inner sensation, curiosity, and pleasure, which brings us to an inner state of wholeness and well-being. When we then return to our everyday activities, we will have greater capacity for life as we allow that wholeness to inform all the ways we relate to the world.

Fluid Body / Fluid Life is a living inquiry based on Continuum. A meditative movement practice that supports us in slowing down, in resting, settling and melting under our usual habits and patterning, by inviting us into the direct experience of our felt sense of aliveness through drawing on inner resources. 

resource is a term often used in psychotherapy and trauma therapy referring to anything that supports us in being able to be more present with whatever arises for us or presents itself in our lives. Resource is an inner knowing of wellness that informs us that we are actually ok. 

it is an ancient inner knowing or inner authority; a trust and confidence in how to engage with the moment to moment unfolding of life, embodied and empowered

with love


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