being breathed

Breath is Life... 

Breath adapts to our mood and accommodates. Is there a place where we can surrender and allow the breath? To allow the breath to breathe itself?

When we pay attention to these areas and learn more about them, bring the skillset to it, we can experience a release in the restriction and freedom we didn’t have before. As we get more versed in these terrains we start to understand more and more about our preferences, where we lock-down, hold-up and away from ground, hold-in from space… All are protective patterns we have adopted, mostly unconscious

The more we encourage the breath and bring awareness into how patterns of behaviour restrict our posture, our breath, our movement, the more we can free ourselves into feeling the spontaneous breathable beings that we all are

november 11  

sunday 10.30-17

beyond bones

push to rise...

Exploring the relationship between bones and gravity, our grounding and presence in the here and now. Our sense of groundedness and lightness. Earth and Sky

Bones may seem dense and compact, particularly when we are feeling uptight, dense, stressed or tired in ourselves. These are times when we may experience gravity working against us, pulling us ‘down’ rather than holding us

Yet in their dense structure, bones too are fluid, movable and buoyant. When working in alignment with gravity we can experience the powerful way our bones purposefully hold us connected, upright and grounded. 

Trusting and working with gravity, the pull of the Earth, we become more grounded yet ‘lifted’ - into feeling alive, spontaneous, light and much more resilient, physically as well psychologically

december 9

sunday 10.30-17


These courses are held in Danish and/or English with translation when necessary

depending on the needs of the participants.


Location: Struensegade 15A, 3th Copenhagen N.


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